The universal charging station for electric vehicles.

The vRbikes Electrant electric charging station

The latest generation of ELECTRANT charging stations impresses with its all-round user-friendliness and is specially designed for Home and Destination charging. Typical customers include large businesses marketing themselves as attractive employers, shopping centres, mountain railways, hotels and other destinations that want to add to their appeal, or even property managers who want to provide electric car charging stations for their tenants.

If you are fairly new to the electric-vehicle charging infrastructure, you can find
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ELECTRANT basic charging station for small electric vehicles


The ELECTRANT basic is the perfect model for entering the electromobility infrastructure. Customers who ride electric bicycles or eScooters or who drive electric cars will really appreciate how easy it is to charge their vehicles.

ELECTRANT comfort charging station for all electric vehicles


The universal one! The ELECTRANT comfort is perfect for suppliers who would like to profit from electric car owners no matter what brand or class of car they drive. The ELECTRANT comfort has both a type 1 and a type 2 connector, as well as a normal socket for electric bikes and scooters.


ELECTRANT pro for demanding suppliers who provide a charging infrastructure for individual parking spaces.


The ELECTRANT pro is the solution for demanding suppliers who provide a charging infrastructure for individual parking spaces. Boasting an integrated type 2 connector and 11 kW of power, it is easy to use and can charge vehicles in next to no time.

ELECTRANT pro dual

ELECTRANT pro dual

The ELECTRANT pro dual comes with all the features of the ELECTRANT pro, but it can charge the vehicles in two parking spaces at the same time.



The ELECTRANT represents barrier-free charging and the greatest ease of operation. Leave your adapter cable in the boot. On the ELECTRANT comfort you will find a cable with a Type 1 plug, a cable with a Type 2 plug and a socket of your choice directly on the charging station.

Investment security

The ELECTRANT has a robust weather- and vandalism-proof aluminium housing designed for external installation at frequently visited places of interest.


With 3.7 kW of power per connection and various connection options, all electric vehicles from cars to scooters and e bikes, as well as all plug-in hybrid vehicles, can be charged at the ELECTRANT.






ELECTRANT pro dual

Power per connection 3.7 kW 3.7 kW 11 kW 11 kW
Cable with plug fitted 1) - 2 pcs 1 pcs 2 pcs
Type 1 -   - -
Type 2 -      
Sockets 1)  Steckdose(n) 3 pcs 1 pcs - -
T23     - -
Fuse protection 16 A 16 A 16 A 32 A
Connection power 11 kW 11 kW 11 kW 22 kW
Connection voltage 400 V 400 V 400 V 400 V


1) As a special solution for the ELECTRANT comfort, both the plugs (2x same type 1 or type 2 plugs) and the sockets (T23, CEE 16A blue, CEE 7/3) can be custom configured.


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