The municipal vehicle for quality of life in municipalities and parks

With a helpful presence and reliable service in terms of cleanliness, safety and order (overnight if necessary), municipal operations companies and their employees create value in everyday life. vRbikes is building the perfect municipal vehicle for this – the vR3: Swiss-made, electric, innovative, robust and economically sustainable. The fact that it also looks good and is a pleasure to ride is almost trivial.

The vR3 municipal vehicle is perfectly suited to work such as sweeping the ground directly in front of it, transporting foliage and cleaning equipment or for waste disposal, be it in towns, in municipalities, on campsites, in parks or even in zoos. The standard connection points also permit the use of a wide range of tools such as gritters, snow ploughs or other transport containers. The Wide-Body kit is another attractive feature, since it can be used to transport containers in the easiest way possible. Not forgetting that it can also be used together with the vRcarry trailer.

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Examples of solutions implemented in the municipal services sector

Special containers for the efficient management of municipalities

Together with a number of municipal operations companies and works yards, vRbikes has developed a multi-purpose module for a wide variety of municipal work that is based on the vR3 with Wide-Body kit.

The container itself consists of a solid aluminium frame combined with various metal sheets, depending on requirements. Holders for four long-handled tools are integrated in the frame. Depending on the application, the rear of the container has a door that opens to one side, or a ramp that opens backwards/downwards with which 140-litre containers can easily be loaded or unloaded. There is also the option to attach additional tools, such as a litter-picker, to the front of the container.

Support for standard container

Waste and green recycling bins are now a permanent fixture in practically all municipalities, parks and zoos – and even on campsites. vRbikes has developed a support that can be used to transport and also empty even these containers with no difficulty, both for the standard vR3 and the Wide-Body kit version.

Standard 140-litre container for the vR3

The smaller 140-litre containers are conveyed onto the transport unit via a ramp. There is still space for other implements, such as a small spade, to be stowed underneath the container as well as holders for long-handled tools.

240-litre container for vR3 with Wide-Body kit

Loading/unloading the larger 240-litre container is extremely convenient: The container is simply rolled straight between the rear wheels and mounted on the vehicle for transport using a lifting device. A small door at the rear is closed to secure the container in place. This also enables the additional use of a trailer.